Europe 2009 – Profile summary


I’ve been writing so much stuff about the European Parliament election over recent days that I thought it would be useful to use one post to give links to all of my posts. Here are links to all 27 national profiles:

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  1. Yeah, the Dutch results are pretty much certain now:

    Christian Democrats: 5 (-2)
    Party for Freedom: 4 (+4)
    Labour: 4 -(3)
    Liberals: 3 (-1)
    Democrats: 3 (+2)
    Greens: 2 (-)
    Socialists: 2 (-)
    Christian Union / Reformed Calvinists: 2 (-)

    The only thing the opinion polls failed to pick up was that the Democrats were doing better than expected, though they are bouncing back from ten years of losses and were on the brink of losing all their seats in the national parliament a few years ago.

  2. Okay, stop press. I’m taking a closer look at the Dutch results; it looks like the Greens have a chance of winning a third seat at the expense of Labour. Some of these results are unprecedented: both the Democrats and Greens outpolled Labour in Amsterdam, which is one of its key strongholds. The Democrats registered a massive 14% swing to go to 21%; the Greens got a more modest one of 2% to poll 20%. Labour just under 15%.

    The Party for Freedom has polled some particularly disturbing results, coming first in a few other key Labour strongholds like Rotterdam.

    About half of the councils have yet to report results.

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