I’ve uploaded a series of my Google Earth electoral maps I have produced. Download these files and open them in Google Earth to view them.

I provide these maps for anyone to use free of charge because I think it’s valuable to be able to use and manipulate maps in order to perform electoral analysis. Most mapping programs are expensive and are out of reach of the amateur psephologist. While Google Earth can’t do all the fancy things that some GIS programs can do, it allows people to do quite a lot. You can download different maps and lay them on top of each other, tweaking the colour and opacity of polygons to produce the result you want. In addition, you can colour maps in different ways to demonstrate data.

I have now completed a tutorial showing how you can customise these maps to make your own maps using Google Earth.

I’ve put quite a lot of work into making these maps. I started collecting them at the beginning of 2008, long before I launched this blog. Some of these maps, particularly the UK, Canadian, Irish, New Zealand and some of Australia’s state maps, required a lot of work to draw them from scratch. If you find these maps useful and use them in your work or use them a lot out of interest, please consider making a donation to help support the blog. There’s a button on the right-hand side of the page which allows you to give a donation through Paypal.

If you think these maps are worth money you’d be willing to pay, please consider sending a donation, or subscribing with a small monthly donation. This will help me continue to produce more of these maps and expand the depth of them.

Creative Commons License This work by Ben Raue is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial 2.5 Australia License.


Papua New Guinea

United States of America


New Zealand

Republic of Ireland

United Kingdom


These maps have also been used to produce a series of time-series maps, which show the change in electoral maps and election results across a series of elections.