Europe 2009 – Slovenia


Slovenia elects 7 MEPs next weekend, the same number it elected in its first European election in 2004. The 2004 election result was as follows:

  • New Slovenia (European People’s Party) – 23.5%, 2 seats
  • Liberal Democracy of Slovenia (European Liberal Democrat and Reform Party) and Democratic Party of Retired People of Slovenia – 21.9%, 2 seats (both LDS seats)
  • Slovenian Democratic Party (European People’s Party) – 17.7%, 2 seats
  • Social Democrats (Party of European Socialism) – 14.2%, 1 seat

The election was a major surprise, with the Christian New Slovenia party coming out of nowhere to take first place. For much of the 1990s the Liberal Democrats and Democrats had respectively been the major parties in Slovenian national politics.

Following the 2004 election, a national election in October 2004 saw the Democratic Party win a major victory, with the Liberal Democrats coming second. Since the 2004 election, the Social Democrats developed into the main opposition, with the 2008 election seeing the Social Democrats coming first, slightly outpolling the Democratic Party. The Liberal Democrats and New Slovenia both saw their votes collapsing.

Recent polls put the Democratic Party in first place, on track to maintian their two seats with a slight increase in their vote to low 20s. The Social Democrats appear to be on track for a slight increase in their vote, which could give them a second seat.

The Liberal Democrats are polling 9-12%, and will win only one seat.  However, their former coalition partner, the Democratic Party of Pensioners is polling 5-12%, and could win a seat themselves. New Slovenia is polling about 10% and will retain only one of their two seats.

One other party, Zares, is a new party that split from the Liberal Democrats and polled 9% in the 2008 national election. Recent polls suggest they are on track to win one seat.

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