Europe 2009 – Spain


Spain will elect 54 MEPs in 2009, the same number it elected in the last election in 2004. All Spanish MEPs are elected as part of a single constituency using proportional representation.

The 2004 election saw the centre-left Socialist Workers Party (Party of European Socialists) win 25 seats, defeating the centre-right People’s Party (European People’s Party) who won 24 seats. A further five seats were won by minor parties. The United Left won 2 seats, while two distinct coalition of nationalist parties won seats, with the more moderate alliance electing two MEPs: one from the Basque Nationalist Party and the other from the Catalan Nationalist Convergence and Union (both Alliance of Liberals and Democrats for Europe). Another MEP was elected to represent the more radical Basque party Eusko Alkartasuna (European Free Alliance). However, current MEP numbers suggest the United Left has only one MEP remaining, and the Socialist Party has one less seat, while the Greens hold two seats.

Since the last election, there have been some changes to the minor party alliances, with a few small parties joining with the Europarty Libertas, and the creation of the new party Union, Progress and Democracy, which is broadly reformist and progressive while being largely opposed to regional nationalist parties. In addition, the two Spanish Greens party are split, with Los Verdes part of the left-wing nationalist block and the Catalonian Greens joining with United Left in the new coalition “The Left”.

Recent polls indicate that the People’s Party will regain its historical lead over the Socialist Workers’ Party. It also appears that UPD will gain MEPs for the first time.

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