Europe 2009 – Greece


Greece will elect 22 MEPs next weekend by a system of party-list proportional representation using a single nationwide constituency with a 3% threshold. Greece elected 24 MEPs in 2004. These were the 2004 results:

  • New Democracy (European People’s Party) – 43.02%, 11 seats
  • Panhellenic Socialist Movement (Party of European Socialists) – 34.03%, 8 seats
  • Communist Party of Greece (European United Left) – 9.48%, 3 seats
  • Coalition of the Left of Movements and Ecology (EUL) – 4.16%, 1 seat
  • Popular Orthodox Rally (Independence/Democracy) – 4.12%, 1 seat

The Panhellenic Socialist Movement held a majority in the national legislature from the 1993 election until an election in March 2004, just before the last European election. The 2004 national election gave a majority to the centre-right New Democracy party, who maintained that at the 2008 election.

Recent polls show the Socialists leading over ND. The Communists appear to have lost support, while the Coalition of the Radical Left have been polling 5-7%, which should give them a second MEP. The far-right Popular Orthodox Rally has slightly increased its vote, but will probably only maintain its single seat. The Ecologist Greens (European Greens) have also been polling 7-8%, suggesting they could win 2-3 MEPs, who would be their first representatives in the European Parliament.

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