Europe 2009 – Estonia


Estonia elects 6 MEPs, which it did for the first time in 2004. All MEPs are elected using D’Hondt proportional representation. The 2004 result was:

  • Social Democratic Party (Party of European Socialists) – 36.8%, 3 seats
  • Centre Party (European Liberal Democrat and Reform Party) – 17.5%, 1 seat
  • Reform Party (ELDRP) – 12.2%, 1 seat
  • Pro Patria Union (European People’s Party) – 10.5%, 1 seat
  • People’s Union (Union of Europe for the Nations) – 8.0%
  • Union for the Republic – Res Publica (EPP) – 6.7%

The 2003 parliamentary election positioned the Centre Party and Res Publica as the major parties, with both parties polling 24-25%. The Reform Party also polled 17.7%. The first two years of the new Parliament saw a government led by Res Publica with the support of the Reform Party and People’s Union, but this broke down in 2005. Since then, government has been held by a centrist coalition of the Reform Party, Centre Party and People’s Union. The 2007 election saw a decline in support for the right, with the conservative party formed by the merger of Res Publica and Pro Patria polling only 17% (down from 32%). Meanwhile the Reform Party gained ground, giving the two centrist parties a majority in Parliament.

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