Europe 2009 – Slovakia


Slovakia elected 14 MEPs  as one single national constituency  for the first time in 2004, and will elect 13 in 2009. The following was the 2004 result:

  • Slovak Democrat and Christian Union (European People’s Party) – 17.1%, 3 seats
  • People’s Party – Movement for a Democratic Slovakia (Non-Inscrit) – 17.0%, 3 seats
  • Direction – Social Democracy (Party of  European Socialists) – 16.9%, 3 seats
  • Christian Democratic Movement (European People’s Party) – 16.2%, 3 seats
  • Party of the Hungarian Coalition (European People’s Party) – 13.2%, 2 seats

The Movement for a Democratic Slovakia was previously in government, although they lost power in 1998. The Slovak Democrat and Christian Union (SDKÚ) was in power at the time of the 2004 European election, but at the 2006 election lost power to the centre-left Smer party (Smer is Slovakian for “Direction”). The current government consists of Smer, the People’s Party and one other party, the ultra-nationalist Slovak National Party. The opposition consists of the other three parties listed above.

I have not seen any polls for the Slovakian election, however it appears likely that both Smer and the Slovak Nationals will improve their position.

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