2025 Australian federal election

Welcome to the Tally Room’s guide to the next Australian federal election. This guide will include comprehensive coverage of each seat’s history, geography, political situation and results of the 2022 election, as well as maps and tables showing those results.

On this page you can find links to each individual profile for one third of all House of Representatives electorates, and the Senate contests in the six states and the two territories.

This guide is a work in progress. For now profiles have only been prepared for fifty electorates, as well as profiles for the eight Senate contests. Profiles for the 100 seats in New South Wales, Victoria and Western Australia will be produced once the redistribution concludes in 2024.

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Most of this guide is currently only available to those who donate $5 or more per month via Patreon. I have unlocked two House profiles and one Senate profile for everyone to read – scroll to the end of this page to find the list of unlocked profiles.

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Table of contents:

  1. Local electorate profiles
  2. Senate profiles
  3. Free samples
  4. Contact

Local electorate profiles

Profiles have been produced for 50 out of 150 House of Representatives electorates: those in Queensland, South Australia, Tasmania, the Australian Capital Territory and the Northern Territory.

Profiles for electorates in New South Wales, Victoria and Western Australia will need to wait for the conclusions of redistributions in 2024.

You can use the following navigation to click through to each seat’s profile:

You can use the following map to click on any lower house seat, and then click through to the relevant guide where available.

Senate profiles

Profiles have been written for the Senate races in all six states and both territories.

Free samples

Most of this election guide is only available to people who chip in $5 or more per month via Patreon, but a small selection have been unlocked for free access:


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    1. Chris Bowen today aid he spoken to australians and they said they want renewables because not only are they the cheapest form of electrity there the most popular. what world is this guy living in

    2. Renewables are cheap, but if Labor keep on pretending as if power bills haven’t increased dramatically on their watch then they will only give more and more ammunition to Dutton.
      I agree with repealing the ban on nuclear energy, but not with building the plants with taxpayer money and definitely not with scrapping those targets for 2030

    3. Albo won’t even risk going early given that he knows he’ll most likely lose out in the mini-redistribution that will merge the electorates/create a combined electorate (in WA) and people in NT and QLD are waiting with their baseball bats intent on punishing Labor. It would be political suicide, and there’s no good reason to.

      It looks like he’ll serve out a full-term till May next year.

    4. @ Nether Portal

      Calare would be competitive for independent if Gee decides to re-contest. I’d still back the Nats, but I think it should have some doubt to it. Macnamara should be the same colour as Wills, it’s much more winnable for the Greens than Wills. Corangamite should be the lightest shade of purple, Libs on proposed boundaries would have barely won in 2019 and it has swung hard left since then.

      I think Hasluck should be the same colour as Cowan. The new boundaries are very friendly for Labor and it’s hard to see them lose the seat on those boundaries.


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