Candidate information policy

As part of my election guides, I post lists of candidates on my election guide. This policy explains how I go about adding candidates and links to their websites, and reasonable limits on this process.

Adding candidate information prior to the close of nominations is a constant work in progress. New candidates are regularly being announced, but an “announcement” is often just a story in a local newspaper or a post on social media.

I will eventually list all candidates when nominations have closed, but if you want your name on the list in a timely manner, please email me or post it as a comment on the election guide.

Making lists of candidates is a small part of my work on this website, and ultimately it’s your job to tell me, not my job to find out that you are running. If you don’t tell me, you might not be on the list. Don’t bother complaining when that happens.

Link to candidate website

I will link to a candidate’s personal website, a profile on their party’s website, or a Facebook page. I won’t link to a Twitter account, or to a generic page that profiles or lists more than one candidate. I don’t post any additional information apart from the name, party and link.

I do my best to including appropriate information for every candidate, but for many candidates an appropriate website is not available.

If there is no link against your name, please get in touch and I will add them, after a reasonable amount of time.

Candidate information will not be updated after close of nominations

Every election has a moment where the list of nominations is finalised. When that time comes, I do one more big job of finding links for candidates, but once I have finished updating the candidate lists, this job is done.

Sometimes I receive requests for links to be added after this point, but I won’t be devoting time to making changes after this point. The final weeks of an election campaign are the busiest times for this website.

If you don’t want this to happen, make sure you have your website set up and communicated to me before nominations close.

If you have informed me of your link prior to nominations closing and I’ve missed it, let me know and I’ll fix it.