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Hi, I’m Ben Raue, and I run the Tally Room website. I’ve been running this website since 2008, covering elections in Australia.

I’ve focused on publishing useful data and background information to make it easier for my readers to understand Australian elections, alongside my own analysis and predictions. I’d like to think I’m known for being fair and rising above my own biases in my analysis.

I’ve particularly specialised in publishing thorough guides to each election, including informative maps for each electorate as well as candidate lists, past results and the history and geography of the seat. I’ve now published such a guide for every state and federal election since 2010. These guides have also been popular places to have discussions about a specific electorate in the comments sections.

I’ve also been publishing boundary maps for every Australian state and territory electoral redistribution over the last decade, as well as local government boundaries for most of the country and ward maps for Australia’s four biggest states.

More recently, I began compiling results from various state and local elections and publishing the results in an easy-to-use format, in my data repository. A lot of these results are hard to access, published as PDFs or even image files. I’ve aimed to publish them in a single spreadsheet, with matching files listing the polling places with latitudes and longitudes (often not provided by the electoral commission), and full lists of candidates.

Of course I also provide my own analysis and coverage of results, but the niche for this website has always been providing this foundational data which can help everyone do better work analysing elections.

This work is not currently sustainable. I receive a small amount of money in donations already but this has not been sufficient to be able to take time out of my regular day job to devote to this website. In the long run I won’t be able to keep up this work without financial support. In particular, it will continue to be difficult to keep up with the fickle timelines set by elections – more donors will allow me to ensure the guide to the next federal election is done well in advance, in case the election is called early.

Your support will help continue this work, and will be greatly appreciated. I’ve set out what my goals are to keep doing this work, and ideally expand the website by completing priority projects sooner and advance further projects, including historical election data and maybe even a podcast. Thanks so much in advance for your help!

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