Redistribution – Victoria 2014

Victoria underwent the first redistribution since the 2002 election, and the redistribution saw significant changes to Victoria’s electorates.

In the future, Victoria’s electoral boundaries will be redrawn once every eight years.

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Overall, 73 out of 88 seats have maintained their existing name. Most of the remaining seats have effectively changed names, but a number of seats were abolished and replaced by new seats in other regions.

The Coalition won 45 seats and Labor won 43 seats at the 2010 election. Under the new boundaries, the Coalition holds 48 seats, and Labor holds 40 seats. Two new Labor seats were created, and two Coalition seats were abolished. This was balanced out by five Labor seats that have become notional Liberal seats.

Despite holding less seats, the redistribution has made it slightly easier for Labor to win a majority. On the former boundaries, Labor needed a uniform swing of 1.2% to win a majority. The new boundaries will require a uniform swing of only 0.9%.

Seats that have changed party
There are five seats that were won by Labor in 2010, but following the redistribution have a notional Liberal margin.

These seats are Bellarine, Monbulk, Ripon, Yan Yean and Wendouree. Wendouree is a new name for Ballarat West.

Seats created and abolished
Two new seats were created in the western suburbs: Sunbury in the north-west and Werribee in the south-west.

The electorate of Murray Plains was created out of the parts of the abolished seats of Rodney and Swan Hill.

The seats of Benalla and Seymour were both abolished, and the new seats of Eildon and Euroa were created covering similar areas in rural areas to the north-east of Melbourne.

Seats renamed
There are ten seats that have changed names, but where it is possible to identify that a new seat has replaced one specific former seat.

Former seat nameNew seat name
Ballarat EastBuninyong
Murray ValleyOvens Valley
DerrimutSt Albans
Ballarat WestWendouree

Legislative Council changes
Victoria’s Legislative Council consists of 40 members, elected from eight multi-member regions. Each region covers eleven Legislative Assembly electorates.

The creation of two new seats in the Western Metropolitan region required the region to lose two of its existing electorates. Pascoe Vale and Yuroke were transferred to Northern Metropolitan region. Northern Metropolitan then transferred two of its own seats to neighbouring regions: Yan Yean to Northern Victoria and Ivanhoe to Eastern Metropolitan.

Both Northern Victoria and Eastern Metropolitan had lost a seat in the redistribution, so the addition of an extra seat from Northern Metropolitan brought each region up to quota.

The South Eastern Metropolitan and Eastern Metropolitan regions also swapped one seat each way. Mount Waverley was transferred from South East Metro to East Metro, and Scoresby/Rowville was transferred in the opposite direction.