NT 2024 – guide launched


Northern Territory voters will go to the polls in August this year to elect a new Legislative Assembly. Labor has held power for two terms, since 2016. The party has changed leaders twice during the last term, with Natasha Fyles stepping down in December to be replaced by Eva Lawler. While polling is limited for the NT, it seems like there could be a real prospect of a change of government.

Now I’ve published my guide to that election. The guide features profiles of all 25 Assembly electorates.

For now most of the guide is part of the package that is exclusive to Tally Room donors.

If you want to read the full guide, you can sign up as a donor for $5 or more per month via Patreon.

I’ve unlocked two profiles as free samples:

Both are marginal Labor seats – one against an independent, and the other against the CLP.

You can use this map to click through to each of the 25 seats, or you can go through the front page of the guide to see lists of seats, either alphabetically or as a pendulum.

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