New Victorian election datasets


Over the summer break I’ve added a bunch of new data to my data repository. Specifically I’ve added results from the 2006, 2010 and 2022 Victorian state elections.

Part of the repository is available for the general public, including the most recent election for each jurisdiction. So anyone can now access the 2022 election data.

The rest of the repository is a reward for Patreon donors contributing $5 or more per month. So 2018 has now moved behind the paywall, along with its three predecessors.

Each guide contains mostly the same information in similar format – election results at the polling place, electorate and region levels, lists of candidates, turnout and informal rate statistics for each electorate and region, and a list of polling places with geographic information which can be matched to booth-level election results.

The 2006 dataset is not quite complete – while I was able to collect a list of addresses for each booth, I’m missing a column which tells me the unique name of each booth so they can be matched to the results. There’s also some weird inconsistencies in which booths have votes attributed for the upper house and lower house. The 2006 dataset does not include electorate-level results for the upper house, and has merged above-the-line votes with below-the-line votes for each group’s lead candidate. All of this is a consequence of the poorer quality of data reporting you find as you go further back in time, and is probably a good example of why the data repository won’t be going much further back than 2006.

This now means the repository includes every state and territory election as far back as 2009. The most recent elections missing are the territory elections of 2008 and the 2007 NSW state election.

I’ve got a few ideas for bits of analysis to do about last year’s Victorian state election that I want to finish before moving on – much of which required the new dataset before I could write the analysis. So I’ll try to get those out this week, and then it’ll be full steam ahead to New South Wales.

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