New data update – South Australian elections since 2002


I’ve recently finished adding three more datasets to the Tally Room data repository – the repository now contains complete datasets for the 2002, 2006 and 2010 South Australian elections. This includes full lists of booths (including geolocation), candidates and electorates, as well as results for both houses down to the polling place level.

Thanks to the team from Armarium Interreta who helped out with the lower house results, which is not the first time they’ve helped me add to the collection.

The data repository now contains the last six South Australian elections, seven Queensland elections, six Western Australian elections and six Brisbane City Council elections. It includes every state and territory election since 2011.

The most recent election for each jurisdiction is free for anyone to access. The older parts of the repository is a Patreon benefit for those who donate $5 or more per month.

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