Federal election guides – they keep coming


I’ve been continuing to post a seat guide every day recently, with fifteen more posted since I last posted on the front page. They tend to be safer Liberal seats, but there are still some interesting conversations:

For those of you who are particularly interested in electoral redistributions, you might find the comments under the Hume seat guide interesting. Hume has an odd shape, with the seat bisected by parts of the Southern Highlands which are in the seat of Whitlam. There’s been a bunch of suggestions about how changes to seats in the Illawarra and the south-east could result in Hume getting tidied up.

Finally, this is another reminder that I’m running a donation drive to fund the new podcast. My goal was for eighteen new patrons. I’m now at six. I promise if we can hit this target this week I’ll stop bugging you about donating for a while. You can donate via Patreon.

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  1. I posted a reply but was it accepted? I wrote:
    ‘On Face Book there was a post about Cubbie Station which has had 880 shares to date.
    ‘The follow up will be a convoy from Broken Hill to Mark Coulton’s Dubbo office for a public debate of the issues.
    ‘The next stop will be a convoy from everywhere to Cubbie Station.
    ‘A Katter Party candidate is being sought.’

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