Heading to the United States


Later today I will be heading to San Francisco for the final week of the US midterm elections. I plan to blog while I am over there, as well as writing a couple more pieces for Crikey on top of three already written.

I have been working hard this week to write as many seat profiles as possible for the Victorian state election. I have now produced profiles for 48 out of 88 Legislative Assembly districts and all eight Legislative Council regions.

I’ve finished profiles for all seats in the Northern, Western and Southern Metropolitan regions, as well as all seats with margins under 4%. I have another 11 maps ready to go so I may finish a few more off when I get the chance.

If you want to comment on a seat for which I haven’t written a profile, I suggest posting the comment on the Legislative Council profile for that region.

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  1. Latest Victorian state Newspoll has Labor with a 52-48 2PP lead, but their primary vote down to 35%, with the Coalition on 40%, and the Greens on a record-high 19%.

    Utilising my new Victorian swing calculator these figures translate into 45 seats for Labor, 36 for the Coalition, 6 Greens, and 1 Independent, but it all depends on how you estimate preference flows.

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