Podcast #121: Democracy for busy people


Ben is joined by Kevin Elliott, author of the book Democracy for Busy People to discuss the value of importance of designing democratic institutions but are broad, not just deep, and make it easy for all citizens to participate. We also discuss the importance of citizens maintaining “civic skills” that give them the capacity to step in to politics when the need arises, and what institutions can make our democracy something that busy people can be a part of.

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  1. Thanks for that Ben. Always interesting to hear different perspectives.

    I learnt that there is a whole lot of other people out there thinking about better ways to do democracy. Still looking for a local group / network that average Joe can participate in this subject matter.

    I am a believer that all things (legislation and institutions) should undergo a first principle root and branch review at least every 10 years and democracy should fall into that category.

    I thought his example of when deliberate democracy should be used was good and it got me thinking if “The Voice” referendum would have had a different message / agenda or outcome if it when through this process.


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