Podcast #64: NSW by-elections wrap-up


Ben is joined by William Bowe from the Poll Bludger to discuss Saturday’s by-elections in New South Wales, with a particular focus on how we analyse election results as increasing numbers of voters opt to use postal and pre-poll options.

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  1. Hi William and Ben,

    Really enjoyed this podcast, just one question William mentioned that there used to be subdivisions with electorate counting.
    Can you explain more what these were and how they worked? Would this be like a ward for a council or broader?

    Also why don’t the AEC assist more with the NSWEC at least in a logistical sense to expedite the vote count?

    Agree that election day will become less and less, due to the convenience of it- small crowds and not wasting part of the weekend. Pandemic aside, this was a great thing especially for those of us looking to continue to work from home, and can just duck out quickly for lunch and vote.
    They could probably even tinker with this model with pre-poll especially during the weekday, and open the booths 1 or 2 hours before 9am, close up shop around 2-4 pm and then re-open until about 7pm, so voters can pop in on the way home.
    I think if voting is compulsory, it should be convenient.

  2. I haven’t looked into this much, but you see them on old electorate maps. I believe they used to publish election results at the subdivision level, not by polling place. I think the subdivisions lay entirely within one state electorate (and one federal electorate) so the whole subdivision’s electoral roll could be used for both elections.

  3. Hi Ben, Are you going to be making a map of the booth results for the by elections? If not, were there any booths that were anomalies or outliers in Bega or Monaro? I’m interested in looking at the correlation between areas still heavily recovering from bushfires and an inflated Labor vote.


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