Podcast #61: NSW local government final week


Ben is joined by Roberta Ryan, Professor of Local Government at the University of Newcastle, to discuss some broader trends in NSW local government in the lead-up to this weekend’s election, including council amalgamations and the role of political parties.

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  1. I clicked on RSS feed on my iPhone .. didn’t work … I went to App Store… couldn’t find it … sigh (iPhone 12 user)

  2. Great content Ben, this is above and beyond what Antony Green is providing.
    Interesting discussion about de-amalgamations is the issue of Canada Bay Council, which now with the growth and development of Rhodes/Liberty Grove has an argument to split back to the old Concord Council and separate from Canada Bay/Drummoyne.
    There’s no doubt that the Councillors themselves overly represent the Drummoyne side of the council, all Liberal and all Labor councillors, with the exception of Andrew Ferguson are from the Eastern part of the Council.
    The demolition of 2 libraries that Concord had, to create a super library (which is a monstrosity that looks like a swimming pool) on the grounds of the old Concord Council Chambers was a deliberate move to stymie any talk of de-emalgamation, as well as the lack of wards, which both former State MP and Federal MPs, Angela D’Amore, John Murphy and Craig Laundy all pushed for.
    Angelo Tsirekas, who has links to Fairfield Mayor Frank Carbone, is likely to split the Labor vote, after being excommunicated from Labor for contesting the election as an Independent and the Liberals will pick up the Mayoralty under long-time Councillor Michael Megna. Councillor Julia Little, a former staffer to John Murphy, has had little impact on Council and not much in terms of a resume.
    Any word on what will happen if Burwood Mayor John Faker is re-elected but then steps down to contest the Strathfield by-election? What happens to the Mayoralty in that instance? Does it go to 2nd place, the party or is it left vacant– another issue with popularly elected mayors

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