New data – NSW 2019 election results


I’ve added a new dataset to my data repository. This dataset covers the entire results of the 2019 New South Wales state election.

The dataset includes voting figures at the polling place and electorate level for both houses, including two-candidate-preferred and two-party-preferred data for the Legislative Assembly.

It also includes full lists of the candidates in both houses and a list of polling places including the address and geolocation of each booth. These lists include unique IDs to be matched to the voting data.

There’s a number of elements in this dataset which are not easily accessible elsewhere.

The NSWEC publishes the two-candidate-preferred booth results for every single combination of candidates in every seat. This is great but it means if you want to access booth results for anything larger than one seat you’ve got to click through to every seat, select the right match-up and stitch the data together. I’ve done that for you for two-party-preferred (Labor vs Coalition in every seat) and the two-candidate-preferred match-up between the two candidates who came in the top two.

The NSWEC also published a spreadsheet with the total primary votes for each group for each polling place, but did not break down the votes within each group for each candidate. I’ve done that by pulling this information out of the massive raw preference file. In addition I’ve done the work of matching all these voting figures to unique IDs matched to geolocation information, which will save you a lot of time if you’re doing mapping.

This dataset is free for all, but I’ve also got a larger repository which now includes the results of the 2011 and 2015, containing pretty much the same data as 2019, which can be accessed by those who sign up to support this website via Patreon.

The public data repository includes the results of the most recent election in every state and both territories, as well as the last round of council elections in New South Wales and the City of Brisbane and by-elections in New South Wales and Victoria in the last term.

The private data repository stretches back to cover every election since 2011, plus the 2010 Tasmanian election, a number of earlier Queensland and City of Brisbane elections and the 2011-12 New South Wales council election.

I hope you’ll find this stuff useful and will consider signing up to support this website if you can do.

I thought I would try and put together a map which wouldn’t have been easy to make without this dataset. This map shows the difference between the upper house and lower house vote for Labor, the Coalition and the Greens (on three separate maps). Booths where the lower house vote was higher are coloured more brightly. The Coalition and Labor lower house votes tended to be higher in their heartland areas: the north shore for the Coalition and areas south of the harbour for Labor. The Greens did better in the upper than the lower house in their strong north shore booths, but the lower house vote far outstripped the upper house vote across Balmain and Newtown (which can be seen very clearly on the map).

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