New dataset for website donors


I’ve just finished a big project pulling together a bunch of election data, which is part of a new benefit for people who donate to support this website via Patreon.

I’ve now got a complete set of booth-level vote data for every Queensland state election since 2004 (six elections) as well as every Brisbane City Council election since 2000 (five elections). This dataset includes the candidate lists, polling place lists including the geolocation, primary votes by polling place and (except for the oldest elections) two-candidate-preferred votes by polling place. If you’re looking for historical information on how voting patterns have changed over time there’s nothing better.

I’ve added this to my data repository, which includes booth-level data from every state election since 2012, as well as NSW council elections since that time.

I’ve decided to take parts of this data repository and just make them available to people who contribute to support this website via Patreon. I will keep the most recent election for each jurisdiction as publicly available, but older datasets will be shared with anyone who can chip in $5 or more per month.

People who support this website have given me the time to get the seat guides done and to launch the podcast. More donors will let me keep up this work but also use spare time to work on pulling together more datasets – I’m planning to put together a dataset of the recent federal by-elections (unlike general election data, the AEC data is missing important information for these by-elections) as well as the results of the 2010 Victorian and 2011 NSW state elections. If you find this useful, please sign up and you can access all of the data that I’ve produced so far.

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