Podcast #6 – Liberal leadership spill and Lindsay


I was joined on Wednesday evening by Stewart Jackson and El Gibbs to discuss the Liberal leadership spill and the seat of Lindsay.

Our discussion of the Liberal leadership spill focused on some of the broader issues but was conducted before the rumours of a second spill strengthened later tonight. I expect our chat will be somewhat out of date in the next few days but most of it should still be interesting regardless of who comes out on top.

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  1. this was a very good podcast. Your guests totally mis the point re climate change energy costs. The chief scientist says no matter what we do it will have zero impact on climate change. So why have we gone from one of the cheapest providers of energy to the highest in less than 10 years – the answer is clear – a stupid approach to renewables as we reduce carbon emissions. The Paris agreement is both job and nation destroying. Spending in excess of $3b each year on renewable subsidies.
    El is clueless on Dutton – he is popular in QLD and with Abbott supporting him the western suburbs of Sydney would be fine

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