Let’s do a podcast!


I’ve wanted to do a podcast for a while, but haven’t been in a position to spend the time to do it properly. I think I’m pretty much there now, but I’m looking for some help with it.

I have a plan to launch a podcast in June, which should hopefully give us at least two episodes before the by-elections on July 28. It will start out slow, and may not be the most professionally produced podcast at first, but I’d like to work out the technology and spend the time to turn it into something really good. Hopefully it would be running smoothly for the big three elections due later this year.

I currently have 52 donors giving a small amount of money every month to support this website. This has been great. It’s allowed me to take some time off from my day job to work on this website, and because of that the core business of the website is well under control.

I now want to buy some equipment so I can try and start this podcast properly, as something which is easy to listen to (although I’m sure there’ll be some bumps along the road), and that’s going to cost some money.

So I’m looking to increase my Patreon donors to 70. This would provide me with funding to buy equipment, and put me in a good position to spend both running the website and the podcast as we head into the busiest time for elections in many years.

If you aren’t already a donor, please take a look at my Patreon page and consider signing up. It would be very much appreciated.

I’m hoping to reach the goal of 70 donors by the end of May. If we can get there, I would like to post the first episode in June, and then aim for a fortnightly schedule throughout the upcoming election periods.

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