NSW by-elections in Blacktown and Cootamundra


We’re due for two state by-elections in New South Wales later this year, and I’ve just finished guides for both electorates, which you can read now.


Former NSW opposition leader John Robertson has announced plans to resign. Labor should easily retain this seat.


Former Nationals minister Katrina Hodgkinson announced plans to resign in late July. The Nationals will likely retain this seat, but they will be challenged by the Shooters, Fishers and Farmers party.

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  1. Politics has changed forever since Trump, Bretexit, Orangeexit, Centerism in France and the usual people who never change their vote!

    I am very confident that the Shooters, Fishers and Farmers party will win the seat of Cootamundra, just like Orange last year! I have studied politics for years and the Nationals are on the nose in the Central West of NSW! Remember Orangeexit last year? I live in Forbes NSW, and was 5 years ago a former campaign assistant for a member of the Nationals, but since the greyhound scandal, the water irrigation scandal, the Dubbo planning and zoning scandal and the council amalgamations scandal – I became a fully pledged libertarian party member of the Liberal Democrats Party! The Nationals are well and truly finished!

  2. much more complicated… a swing against the nats anyway… then Katrina’s personal vote……. a green, onp , shooters Labor……… possible upset

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