NSW and WA redistributions – updated maps


We are now nearing the end of the federal redistribution process which precedes the next federal election.

We had redistributions in New South Wales, Western Australia and the Australian Capital Territory.

The AEC has a curious process where they announce the final boundaries but do not provide the maps and data which allow people to see the precise boundaries. This extra information is usually provided about a month later.

In the ACT, the final boundaries were identical to the draft boundaries, so no further maps are necessary (although the final data is expected next week). In Western Australia, the final maps were released yesterday, and I’ll post them further down in this post.

In New South Wales, the final boundaries were announced last Friday, without any maps. In most places it’s reasonably clear what boundaries they were using (although a few were confusing). I’ve done my best to put together a new map – I think it’s likely to be accurate but there may be a few errors (in particular the Hume/Whitlam boundary and the Parkes/New England boundary) and I will update it when the official data is released in late February.

Download the NSW final-ish electoral map.

Download the WA final electoral map.

Download the ACT final electoral map.

Below the fold you can see interactive maps for NSW and WA, although I haven’t added any other data to the maps, just the boundaries.

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  1. It’s a strange situation, they don’t publish anything until after the new boundaries are tabled in Parliament. So all the rationale for them accepting or rejecting the Objections, and new created boundaries, you don’t read about until long after the decision has already been made. Seems strange to me….

    I was pleased to see a few of my Objections and changes get up, especially in the Inner West. I still think Hume is a bit weird, but i guess that got thrown in the too-hard basket.

    Queensland and SA will have their state redistributions begin very soon, so that’s something to look forward to.

  2. Overall these boundaries are pretty good. They seemed to fix up their Western suburbs mess pretty well, considering local boundaries, population growth and community interest.
    Reid, Watson, Blaxland, Banks and Barton worked out better than I expected.
    Grayndler for the most part worked out well, I have a few gripes with the changes mostly to do with the removal of Camperdown and Newtown (Marrickville LGA) from Grayndler as well as the addition of Hurlstone Park/Canterbury back into Grayndler.
    In addition the boundary between Sydney and Wentworth seems slightly shambolic, I understand the placement of Moore Park/Paddington back into Wentworth, Although on the otherhand the original proposed boundary along Darlinghurst Rd and then up Victoria Street made a lot of sense rather then going along much more minor roads just to add Potts Point.

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