Ireland votes yes for marriage equality – results map


Ireland voted on Friday in a referendum on allowing same-sex marriage, and it passed overwhelmingly.

Since I have previously produced a Google map of Ireland’s parliamentary constituencies (download it here), I thought I would put together a quick map showing the shape of the vote by constituency.

The ‘no’ case won in only one constituency: Roscommon-South Leitrim.

The ‘yes’ case did particularly well in Dublin, winning over 70% in nine out of twelve constituencies. The worst ‘yes’ vote in Dublin was 66.4% in Dublin North-East.

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  1. Great result in Ireland. Many of the countries which have introduced Marriage Equality are Roman Catholic. Says a great deal about what people in those countries have had to endure from religion. Greenland has since introduced Marriage Equality. The vote in Parliament there was 27 Yes, 2 Abstentions. The countdown is on here in Australia. Makes me realise what an arch-conservative, bigoted, homophobic, political elite we have in this country and an anti-democratic Prime Minister! The great Liberal Party of personal choice and freedoms! What a mammoth lie!

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