Ireland on the verge of election


The Republic of Ireland could be less than two weeks away from the triggering of a general election. The Green Party will be meeting on October 10 to vote on a new program for government, and the party’s leader, John Gormley, has made it clear that if the program doesn’t achieve two thirds support at the meeting, the party will leave the government, which would likely deprive Fianna Fail of a majority in the Dail. So we could be seeing a new election soon in Ireland.

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  1. This is big. The party membership might just vote against NAMA so they can pull out of government to secure their long term future. Given that FF are so on the nose at the moment it could be in the Greens best interest to jump ship.

    And Ben, don’t forget the 2nd Lisbon treaty referendum this Friday – although I think the Yes vote has got it sown up this time round, so it won’t create the same sort excitement as the last vote.

  2. It seems early reports indicating that all signs are pointing to a win for the ‘Yes’ vote in the referendum. RTE reporting strong ‘Yes’ votes in areas that voted strongly ‘No’ last time.

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