Europe 2009 – Results night


Welcome to the Tally Room’s live coverage of election results from the European election. In addition to myself, there’ll be liveblogging from a few guest bloggers. The results website goes live at 2am tomorrow morning, and results should start coming in early on Monday morning with most results becoming clear by the afternoon. Of course, I’m going to sleep now so we may not be actually liveblogging here for a few hours.

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  1. It’s 11.17 GMT and according to the BBC website the Greens across Europe are already ahead of 2004 in terms of seats. Currently the total is 45 and the UK results have yet to come in. There was a big increase in Green representation in France from the look of it with an extra 8 seats.

  2. Thanks Ben & co for all your excellent work covering these elections. Awesome job!

    I notice there’s a significant shift within the ALDE group, with the Lib Dems being overtaken by the German FDP as the largest party within the group. Interesting, as the FDP are much further to the right ideologically than the Lib Dems, usually classed as libertarian whereas the Lib Dems are amongst the most left-leaning liberal parties in Europe.

  3. Thanks for all of your efforts Ben! Very interesting. Great results for the Greens in France. A few other disappointments. Has Greece ever had a Green elected before?

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