WA 2013 – another counting update


The WA Electoral Commission “pushed the button” today for five of the six Legislative Council regions.

The Greens were elected in South Metro and Mining and Pastoral, and the Shooters and Fishers won a seat in Agricultural region.

Overall, the Liberals have won 13 seats, Labor have won nine, Nationals have won five, the Greens have won two, and the Shooters and Fishers have won one.

The only remaining race left to decide is North Metro. At the moment the region looks likely to elect four Liberals and two Labor candidates. The fourth Liberal is currently just under 8,600 votes ahead of the Greens candidate.

This is likely to be enough, and will give the Liberals seventeen seats out of 36, just short of a majority in their own right. The Liberal Party and the Nationals have easily won a majority.

In the Legislative Assembly, the three final seats have all been determined by very small margins:

  • Collie-Preston – The ALP’s Mick Murray defeated Liberal candidate Jaimee Motion by 56 votes.
  • Eyre – Liberal MP Graham Jacobs defeated Nationals candidate Colin De Grussa by 225 votes.
  • Midland – Labor MP Michelle Roberts defeated Liberal candidate Daniel Parasiliti by 24 votes.

Overall, this produces a result of:

  • Liberal – 31 seats (+8)
  • Labor – 21 seats (-6)
  • Nationals – 7 seats (+2)

So the Liberal Party wins a small but sufficient one-party majority, but a large majority when combined with the Nationals.

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