WA 2013 – counting update


Since I last posted, the race has been decided in the Kimberley and in Belmont.

Liberal candidate Glenys Godfrey leads in Belmont by 308 votes, and should be elected. This is a gain from the Labor Party.

In Kimberley, the Greens fell into third place, producing a race between Labor and Liberal. At the moment the ALP’s candidate is 1155 votes ahead of the Liberal candidate, which  is more than enough.

This leaves through lower house races undecided:

  • Collie-Preston – Labor leads Liberal by 80 votes.
  • Eyre – Nationals lead Liberal by 22 votes.
  • Midland – Labor leads Liberal by 86 votes.

In the Legislative Council, the current key races are:

  • East Metro – Labor leads Greens by 5,794 votes. Labor should win.
  • Mining and Pastoral – Greens lead Labor by 428 votes. Shooters and Fishers lead Nationals by 505 votes. Greens and Shooters likely to win, but too close to call.
  • North Metro – Liberal leads Greens by 8,712 votes. Liberal should win.
  • South Metro – Greens lead Labor by 2,583 votes. Greens are likely to win, but too close to call.
  • South West – Nationals lead Family First by 5,093 votes. Nationals should win.

At the moment, only the last seat in South Metro and the last two seats in Mining and Pastoral are still in play, so the party totals will be:

  • Liberal – 17
  • Labor – 11-13
  • Nationals – 4-5
  • Greens – 0-2
  • Shooters and Fishers – 1-2
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  1. You show that Liberals will have 17 and the ALP 11-13. Collie Preston is between Liberal and Labor, shouldn’t the Liberals tally be 17 – 1? (by the way the last count yesterday had Labor still ahead by 27…)

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