WA 2013 – Calling it a night


It’s not midnight yet in Western Australia, but it’s after 2am in Sydney so I probably should call it a night.

On my count, the Liberals hold 29 seats, the Labor Party holds 18, the Nationals hold six, and six are still up for grabs.

These six seats are Belmont, Collie-Preston, Eyre, Kimberley, Midland, Warren-Blackwood. This list keeps changing, and may well be changed by the time this night is over. Albany was on the list most of the night, but I think it’s moved into Labor’s column.

The Liberals will get a majority – they look likely to win Warren-Blackwood, and have good shots at Eyre, Kimberley, Collie-Preston, Belmont and Midland.

Kimberley is particularly bizarre, with a huge Greens vote holding up throughout the night.

In the Legislative Council – the Greens look set to win somewhere, but it’s hard to tell where. For a while the Greens were leading for the final seats in North and East Metro, but in both places the Greens have fallen behind with a significant vote counted.

Now the Greens have taken what look like solid leads in South Metro and Mining and Pastoral. I guess we’ll see in the morning how this shakes out.

The Shooters and Fishers look likely to win a seat in Agricultural, beating the Liberal Party and Max Trenorden. The Shooters are also narrowly leading against the Nationals in Mining and Pastoral.

Family First also look set to win the last seat in South West, beating the Nationals with the support of Labor and Greens preferences.

I will be back in the morning with more blogging when I have more time and more results.

In the meantime – enjoy this Google Fusion Table I’ve put together with the results. These figures are as of 10:30pm WA time and may have errors – I’ll do an updated version.

If it works, you should see the primary and 2PP vote for each district by clicking on it.

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  1. I think Moore is a National seat. Also it would be interesting to see if the liberals are able to pass legislation without the help of the left or the Nationals in the upper house.

  2. PS I tip my hat to Peter Watson who has baffled skeptics again and held, or at least come very close, his seat of Albany. If not for his age I would be predicting great things from him, I am however not sure if Albany will stay in the Labor fold once he retires.

  3. Thank you Julie Bishop for your ‘accurate’ comments on ABC 24 before Kerry O’Brien censored you! If Labor think it bad now, then wait for the Federal, South Australian and Tasmanian elections!

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