Keppel – QLD 2020

ALP 3.1% vs ON

Incumbent MP
Brittany Lauga, since 2015.

North Queensland. Keppel covers regional areas along the coast to the north of Rockhampton, including Yeppoon, northern suburbs of Rockhampton, and the Keppel islands.

Keppel was first contested at the 1992 election. A former seat with the same name had existed from 1912 to 1960. The current incarnation was held by the National Party until 2004 and then was held by Labor until 2012. The seat has alternated since then.

The seat was first won in 1992 by National Party MP Vince Lester. He had previously held the seats of Belyando and Peak Downs, having first been elected in 1974. Lester had served as a minister in the National Party government from 1983 until 1989.

Lester retired in 2004, and Keppel was won by ALP candidate Paul Hoolihan. Hoolihan won re-election in 2006 and 2009.

In 2012, Hoolihan was defeated by LNP candidate Bruce Young. Young held the seat for one term, and lost in 2015 to Labor’s Brittany Lauga. Lauga was re-elected in 2017.


Keppel is a marginal seat, and could be a target for either One Nation or the LNP.

2017 result

Brittany Lauga Labor 13,30443.1-0.8
Matt LothOne Nation7,86525.5+25.5
Peter Blundell Liberal National 7,69124.9-15.0
Clancy Mullbrick Greens 2,0396.6+1.8

2017 two-party-preferred result

Brittany Lauga Labor 16,41953.1-1.0
Matt LothOne Nation14,48046.9+46.9

Booth breakdown

Booths in Keppel have been divided into three areas. Polling places in the Rockhampton urban area have been grouped together, with the remainder split into central and north.

Labor won a majority of the two-candidate-preferred vote (against One Nation) in all three areas, ranging from 52.3% in the centre to 60.8% in the Rockhampton area. One Nation polled 51.2% in the pre-poll vote.

The LNP came third, with a primary vote ranging from 20.3% in the centre to 27.1% in the north.

Voter groupLNP primALP 2CPTotal votes% of votes
Other votes23.654.13,54811.5

Election results in Keppel at the 2017 QLD state election
Toggle between two-candidate-preferred votes between Labor and One Nation, and LNP primary votes.


  1. I was in Keppel for a few weeks in July and One Nation and Libs has Billboards and Corlutes up early. The closure of two local newspapers Rocky Morning Bulletin and Capricorn News makes it difficult for candidates to make themselves known. There remains a small local A4 monthly News magazine bit this doe not have a huge circulation. Morning bulletin still available on line but locals I spoke to were not happy.
    I do not see much chance of change.
    Vince Lester was without shadow of doubt the best country politician I saw operating. He was my local MLA in Peak Downs for 7 years. His commitment to community meant everyone knew him and he knew everyone and everyone knew him. He carried this on into his new seat of Keppell. My prediction no change unless a big swing against Palaszczuk which I do not think will happen.

  2. Keppel is in my too close to call category. I know we don’t like looking at corresponding results Federally, but the LNP did exceptionally well in the booths that make up Keppel in Capricornia.

    I think Lauga has somewhat of a personal vote but has had her fair share of gaffes. The One Nation vote will be roughly the same, the question will be whether the LNP falls into second on primaries, or if One Nation holds on. If One Nation finishes third, I can see a path to victory for the LNP.

  3. I had this originally as an ALP retain but have moved it to the Toss-up category, with expecting ALP vote going down in the regions but depends on ONP or LNP coming second that really could push this one. However, agree that I think Lauga has done enough despite as @PRP mentions her gaffes. I’ll see how more of the campaign folds before changing a call.

    Prediction (August 2020): TOSS-UP – Lean ALP

  4. Terrible poll for Labor in the CQ papers today. Horrific almost, Lauga’s support has plummeted. I originally though Labor may hold here by my September prediction now is: PHON gain. Rothery is a recognised candidate.


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