Tangney – Australia 2022

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  1. Longshot for Labor but could become marginal. Not impressed by Ben Morton whatsoever after he backstabbed Dennis Jensen and in my view that is political treachery and in my view has no place in the Liberal party.

    I believe this contains state seats such as Riverton and Bicton which lean Liberal but are not rock-solid especially Riverton considering Riverton was marginal before 2013 and was won by Labor in 2005 outside of the landslide year of 2021.

    If the published polls are correct in WA one would think this will be pretty close and this could see an upper average swing against the Liberals.

  2. Latest WA statewide poll confirms this is in play. A swing of 10% from the last election statewide will see this fall to Labor

  3. Some seem to think this could be a dark horse gain for Labor and the more I think about it, the more I can see why.

    The North Western chunk of the seat along the Swan River is populated by a demographic who would likely vote for The Greens before they even considered Labor federally but the redistribution has gifted Labor a lobe into Canning Vale, which combined with the much more politically volatile suburbs in the seat east of the Kwinana Freeway will make Labor competitive.

    Morton only has a 10% margin, and whilst I’m sure the voters in this seat would much rather him to Jensen he’s still seemingly quite invisible. It’s quite shocking imo that between Moore, Curtin and Tangney (the Liberal party’s holy trinity within Perth), all are represented by people who don’t occupy positions within cabinet and hold fairly conservative views against the average of the seats they represent.

    Labor ought to scare the Liberals here and I think they probably will.

  4. Canning More and Tangley…are liberal seats outside the marginal category.. All things being equal they should return the liberal candidate

  5. Ever since Janet Woollard’s whole saga its unlikely in WA. Independents don’t do well outside the western suburbs


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