O’Connor – Australia 2022

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  1. Very strong chance the WA nationals could get this but it is still early to say. There is not a single Liberal MP in O’Connor or Durrack on the state level and not all of them went Labor, Now that the WA Nationals are in opposition this could bolster their chances. Mia Davies would be wise to be out here and campaign for the Nats because this is very winnable now that the party is more visible than the WA Liberals especially in the regions.

    Considering the WA Nats are very unlikely to help Labor form government the coalition shouldn’t stress about this seat. And it is possible the WA Nats could enter a formal coalition with the Liberals basically meaning the WA Nationals formally merge with the Countrywide National party.

    Now that I think about it, the defeated National MP in Warren-Blackwood could run here and he would be a formidable challenge to Wilson. Add Brendan Grylls in Durrack and the WA Nationals have a very strong chance of flipping these rural mining seats.

  2. I would probably argue that Durack should be left alone – current MP Melissa Price is already a junior minister and performing fairly well in her portfolio. She has the potential to become a future cabinet minister or opposition frontbencher (should the Coalition lose office). O’Connor is a different story as Rick Wilson is a backbencher so the Nationals may wish to field a high profile candidate.

  3. Yoh An

    Melissa Price is already a cabinet minister despite Defence Science always being a junior role. She is also Minister for Science – and look how prominent she is there! She was Minister for Environment and made a real hash of it. She is a prime example of how little depth of talent there is in the Morrison ministry. At present, her main role is maintaining a WA presence in cabinet. However, it is hard to imagine how hard working you would need to work when you hold a regional seat in WA (or say Lingiari or Maranoa as well) for that matter. These seats are huge and they are a long way from Canberra – a whole day of travel each way. I noted that she had been criticised at one stage for living in Perth. As strange as it may seem, it may be easier to serve a seat like Durack by flying out to the different places from Perth rather than travelling between them .


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