Nicholls – Australia 2022

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  1. If a well known independent ran here they could win this off the Nationals as the state seats that are overlapped with this are held by independents.

  2. Drum just announced he won’t be running at the next election. Nats would be smart to run Steph Ryan – state member for Euroa (I think). Seats have a lot of overlap and Steph seems to have done a pretty good job as the local member.

    Will it also cause a three cornered contest which will drain libs resources from the more marginal Victorian seats such as… every seat other than Wannon…..

    Best Pollster

  3. Pollster, are you an actual pollster? What do the internal polls say about this seat? I doubt there would be much shift but perhaps a strong independent like the ”voices of” like in neighbouring Indi

  4. Pollster
    Hard to Steph Ryan moving considering:

    1. Peter Walsh is 67 and can’t be Vic Nats leader for that much longer.
    2. Steph Ryan has publicly bagged Barnaby Joyce – which would not make for a harmonious party room.

    It will be a three way contest so it will depend on whether the ALP comes second or third.


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