New England – Australia 2022

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  1. If Anthony Albanese really thinks he speaks for country folk. If the left really cares then why isn’t he visiting regional towns such as Tamworth? Don’t be surprised if the Nats get 80% TPP here and in some other rural seats. Labor doesn’t know anything about country folk. The Coalition are the only ones that work well for regional Australia

  2. @Daniel

    Daniel Anthony Albanese has been out visiting seats that have been based in the regions of Dawson, Flynn, and Capricornia just recently. Obviously this seat is as safe as houses for the Nationals and won’t be a priority for Anthony Albanese. Barnaby Joyce wouldn’t lose this seat to Labor even if Labor secured a John Curtain type win of 1943.

    I wouldn’t get to obsessed with the myth the coalition are the only ones that work well for the regions. Realistically despite all the Nationals grandstanding they still remain the lapdog of the Liberals.

    Tony Windsor has been relatively quiet despite the odd tidbit in the media. I just don’t him see him attempting another political comeback.

    Nats to retain.

  3. The problem that Labor have is that they have little or no party infrastructure left in NSW west of the Great Dividing Range. A range of independents or shooters are now the only ones who can knock the Libs or Nats off. as the ALP just don’t have the boots to put on the ground.
    In the early 80s, Labor were competitive in this region – they held a state seat and came reasonably close to winning New England in 1983 and 84. It just can’t happen now.
    If the right conservative greenish preferably female candidate came along – Barnaby could get into trouble. Probably too late though for 2022.


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