Mitchell – Australia 2022

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  1. There had been talk about a plot by the hard right of the Liberal Party to oust Alex Hawke (along with others) in preselection. I am aware of the factional shenanigans surrounding him, but it’s still so bizarre – as if Hawke is not right-wing enough!

    “The two greatest forces for good in human history are capitalism and Christianity, and when they’re blended it’s a very powerful duo.”
    — Alex Hawke, 2007

    Maybe there will be a preselection scuffle and whoever loses will run as an independent. Unlikely, but at least that’d be something exciting in this seat.

    I see two likely possibilities for the next redistribution:
    • Mitchell has its southern end trimmed, hopefully rectifying the nonsensical boundaries around North Rocks and West Pennant Hills. This could make the seat even safer.
    • Mitchell is pushed across Old Windsor Road. This will drastically reduce the margin but it still won’t be competitive unless Labor is headed for a landslide.

    Will be interesting to see how rapid demographic changes might change The Hills politically. Unfortunately North Kellyville and the newer parts of Bella Vista, Kellyville, and Norwest had no polling places in 2019!

    @Ben Raue
    It looks like you have some text under the booth breakdown intended for Fairfax.


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