McPherson – Australia 2022

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  1. Carl Ungerer is the Labor candidate for McPherson according to QLP twitter.

    I don’t understand why Labor would even put remote effort into this federally. They act as if this is winnable on twitter, It really isn’t. The last time the Gold Coast was Labor was probably during the Curtin years. It’s been 80 years. Not a chance in hell freezing over for Labor to win this unless the Liberals are absolutely annihilated nationwide.

    Perhaps this could set him up for a run in Currumbin in 2024 against Laura Gerber?

  2. Carl Ungerer was a Labor candidate for Mermaid Beach at the 2020 QLD state election. He didn’t do too bad either with a 5.7% increase on his primary vote. The margin for Mermaid Beach is now only 4.4%. Funny enough, I thought it was a safer LNP state seat then that.

    This is an obvious LNP retain. But I disagree with Daniel in terms for Labor of completely non-competing in these seats. As a good result for Labor in these type seats can translate to the senate vote. Labor only knows that too well after winning only one senate seat at the last federal election in Queensland. By saying that yeah I wouldn’t expect too many resources from Labor in this seat.

  3. Labor Twitter is very dumb, but I think PN is pretty much spot on here. The Greens have similar thoughts about the Coasts; we can imagine modest gains in our primary vote, but nobody seriously thinks we’ll get lower house seats out of them anytime soon. But of course, we want another Senator too.

    I’ve always wondered why the Coasts have such a huge number of ‘split ticketers’, or state Labor/federal LNP voters. The intuitive answer is taxes, especially ‘retirement’ taxes, but the LNP didn’t increase their margins all that much at the last election. I wonder how much research has been done on it.

  4. I tend to think a large part of Ungerer doing well at the last QLD state election is in large part due to who he was running against, Mermaid Ray should have been given his marching orders years ago

    A less contentious and controversial LNP state candidate, and the margin would be considerably lagrer in all likelihood


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