Lyons – Australia 2022

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  1. Susie Bower, a Meander Valley councillor who ran as a Liberal candidate at the state election, is the endorsed Liberal candidate for Lyons and is resigning her council seat.

    It will be interesting to see how this one goes. I think that without the Whelan fiasco Mitchell might have still just survived in 2019 but by less than 1% if so.

  2. Kevin Bonham
    Interesting that you see the Whelan fiasco has having this much impact, & Lyons having been that close without it.
    Lyons, while still a toss up needs quite a lot to happen to swap sides. Instinctively it feels like too much, & this will end up being anti climactic.

  3. If it wasn’t for the poor liberal candidate in 2019 this seat would have been won by them. This seat could fall if Labor has a bad night.

  4. Agree, this was a missed opportunity last time for the Liberals. This one of the best chances for a Liberal gain in 2022. Tasmania has not been affected as much by Covid. Interestingly, i think this is the least ethnically diverse electorate in the nation.

  5. To be fair, at the state election, it was virtually unmoved politically. The Liberals’ primary vote will increase, mainly because the Nationals probably won’t run again. The Shooters will probably run a candidate and get 5-10% pretty easily, which might shoot the Libs in the foot.

  6. Lyons tended to be very local to its sitting mps since joseph Lyons……in recent times Burr, Duthie, and Adams all had relatively long terms as Mps……. maybe this is in part that Lyons has no big Tasmanian cities such as Burnie or Launceston. If I were the liberals I would not be counting this as a win.


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