Leichhardt – Australia 2022

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  1. Liberal party should hold on here as Warren Entsch is quite popular, however if labor are having a good night they could pick this up.

  2. Actually I don’t see Warren running. Don’t be surprised if he bows out last minute. He has held this for all but one term since 1996, and he is around age 70 so retirement could be looming

  3. Word is they are lining up Brett Olds to run for the LNP, either in 2022 or beyond. Olds is currently serving on the Cairns Regional Council.

  4. I’ve always imagined this seat as one which behaves similar to Eden-Monaro under Mike Kelly, always quite close but one which in the absence of a sitting MP becomes a low hanging fruit for the opposition.

    I expect this seat to remain close, and flip in the absence of Entsch, which will either be this election or next.

  5. Warren Entsch is unlikely to contest. Completely disagree with the post above. He is one of the oldest MP’s and he wanted to retire ages ago. Why would he re-contest in current circumstances?

    There have been instances before where candidates said they intended to run but last minute (month or 2 out from the election) decided to retire and pull out. I see Warren Entsch pulling a Julie Bishop by quitting right at the last minute.

  6. You can’t stay in parliament for ever and why would you want To? If Entsch retires then it will be a Labor gain

  7. The reason Entsch is staying is pretty obvious. In regards to Bishop: 1) she likely expected the Coalition to lose, and didn’t want to go from being one of the most powerful figures in the government to Opposition 2) she was bitter about how the leadership election turned out 3) she knew that no matter what, she’d be succeeded by a Liberal in Curtin.

  8. Russell Broadbent in Monash will be 71 before the next election, Ken Wyatt 69, Bob Katter 75. Who is the oldest Labor MP planning to run again?


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