La Trobe – Australia 2022

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  1. The redistributions have not assisted labor, however I still think labor have a better chance of winning this seat rather then Deakin due to the booming population. If Labor play their cards right they could pick up this seat.

  2. Agree, Bob this is a seat to watch it has has since it has phenomenal population growth. The boundaries have changed radically in recent years and will likely change again in future redistribution potentially shedding rural/semi-rural areas with the growth of new housing developments. It has very little of the Dandenongs left (Strong for Labor) Interestingly, on these boundaries it would have been safer for the Liberals than Menzies in 2007 although that statement is meaningless as it would not have made a full electoral quota but it does show how much the population has grown and changed with rapid urbanisation. Labor did not win any of the Pakenham booths in 2007 (then in McMillan) and the Clyde Booth (now an external booth) used to be over 70% for the Liberals but now 52% ALP. Clyde used to be a small rural hamlet. This has shown a big change over the last decade and a half. As this is mortgage belt area it will be more volatile than Deakin and can swing heavily either way. Expect both parties to campaign and offer many promises to this seat

  3. The buffer on this seat is rubbery so if interest rates increase then LNP could be in serious trouble as well over 50% of the constituents would be effected by a change like that.


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