Hume – Australia 2022

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  1. Unless a reverse of 1996 or 1975/1977 happens (meaning Labor wins a massive majority) this will remain in Liberal hands. And don’t even think about suggesting this seat becoming marginal because Angus Taylor is a liberal hero and is popular here. He can hold the seat as long as he wants it unless he is defeated in a preselection.

  2. The growth around Camden will lead to redistribution troubles for Taylor but 2021/2 he should retain albeit with probably a lose of a percent or two.

  3. Camden and Goulburn should not be in the same seat…….Camden at the federal level is like Menai…….Angus despite his best efforts wil retain the seat

  4. Hume had a “Voices of…” candidate in 2019 – Huw Kingston- who gained about 6% of the vote. Hume has the silliest boundaries of any seat in the nation (except for Franklin) and the big divide was reflected in the vote. In those parts of the Southern Highlands that are not in Whitlam – Bundanoon, Wingello – the ind vote was >20%. In the areas around Goulburn, 6% but around Camden about 3% or even less. As much as Angus Taylor will be a lightning rod of discontent – and much more deserving of it than Katie Allen or Trent Zimmerman – the demographic and geographic divides in Hume will just be too much for a “Voices of ..” candidate to bridge or get a decent vote. If Bowral and Mittagong were in Hume they might have a chance of getting a vote in the high teens.


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