Hinkler – Australia 2022

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  1. Would be interested to know how the state election figures would have looked here, I suspect if my numbers are right Labor would have barely won Hinckley based on Maryborough,Hervey Bay,Bundaberg and Burnett state seats

  2. Labor do have a lot more to work with now. Pitt is getting a little more negative media attention than in the last election cycle, though I don’t think that will count for much.

    Bundaberg and Hervey Bay seem like COVID specials. The older voters in the latter who were grateful to Palaszczuk for keeping them safe from COVID probably aren’t extending that to Albo.

    With Maryborough (which is mostly in Wide Bay), I think it’s safe to put Bruce Saunders into the political prodigy category.

  3. Any particular reason why Fraser Island is in Wide Bay which doesn’t include Hervey Bay yet on the state boundaries Fraser Island is in the same electorate as Hervey Bay? I don’t even think there are any voting booths in Fraser Island but how are islands with litt,e to no population decided by the AEC as to what electorate they get placed in?

  4. It’s an odd decision as all the ferry departure points appear to be in Hinkler. The split of Hervey Bay from Maryborough goes back to the 2005 redistribution when was Flynn created. I suspect Fraser Island was retained so that Wide Bay could still lay claim to the wide bay.

  5. interesting changes to wide bay used to be Maryborough and Bundaberg Gympie…… When ALp held till 1974 ……. in recent times Bundaberg has been in a separate Electorate to Maryborough…….. The cross voting is high compared to the state election…… Hinkler is an outside Chance for the alp based on issues such as aging population and the indue card


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