Hasluck – Australia 2022

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  1. As I said in Pearce, Good chance of this holding for Wyatt.

    I don’t think he is that unpopular as a minister unlike his colleagues such as Dutton,Hunt and Porter are. This seat could flip but I personally think Labor is more likely to pick up a Canning or a Tangney/Moore than this due to the sitting members war-chest

    That being said however if the polls are correct the swing is on and Wyatt narrowly would lose but I expect them to throw everything at holding this instead of defending seats like Swan and Pearce which are seen as the 2 most vulnerable seats in WA and maybe even nationwide.

  2. The thing with Hasluck is that it’s vastly different to 2019. The seat now contains all of Ellenbrook, which has swung insanely over the last two state elections, losing the more electorally stable foothills to Swan and the conservative south to Burt. I agree the Libs should be able to win this if they try hard enough, and given Wyatt’s appeal, unless the swing is too big, I don’t see him losing.

  3. I don’t understand Wyatt’s appeal. There are always rumours about of him retiring. Last election was he was going to stay because of Turnbull, then Turnbull got rolled and he still stayed on. If he retires, then Husluck changes to Labor.

  4. > losing the more electorally stable foothills to Swan and the conservative south to Burt.

    The area transferred from Hasluck to Burt – Beckenham, Kenwick & Maddington – is Labor voting and largely explains why the notional Liberal margin has increased slightly.

  5. James I have always been committed to continuing in Hasluck and I am not retiring and as for the rumours there is a person or persons who are polling households and their opening statement is Ken Wyatt is retiring and they then go on to asking a series of questions. I have rung the number that came upon a telephone and there is no response. I intend to contest my seat. Ken

  6. Ryan, the suburbs of Beckenham, Kenwick and Maddington which refer as the Conservative south is actually very voting Labor voting area. Maddington has often had Labor’s highest primary in Hasluck

  7. Hey Ken
    Here is a job for you. See if you can get the PM to learn something from his political “Betters” like JFK, Hawke, & Beatty : How to embrace, & transcend failure (s)!!. Rather than contort himself in every possible way to avoid accepting them (FAILURES) , & DEALING WITH THEM OPENLY.
    iF you don’t succeed in this endeavour, then perhaps that “retirement” you maintain that you don’t desire, might manifest (for you personally) very soon indeed.
    Happy to help cheers WD

    ps i intend to elaborate in great detail on this subject on the Cook (PMs seat) thread


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