Gorton – Australia 2022

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  1. Keilor doesn’t really fit anywhere with the western suburbs seats, being an affluent Liberal area surrounded by mostly rock-solid Labor territory.

    I guess Maribyrnong contains most of the best Liberal voting areas in the north-west, so probably it fits best there from a demographic point of view. A seat containing Moonee Ponds, Essendon, Strathmore, Niddrie, Keilor, and Taylors Lakes (excluding almost everything else) would be a winnable seat for the Libs IMHO. But they’re unlikely to ever get that lucky….

  2. At a state level, Keilor is in the Niddrie electorate and parts of Taylors Lakes and middle class Gowanbrae have been proposed to be included at the next redistribution. So i guess there is precedent of including Keilor/Taylors Lakes with Moonee Valley council. Niddrie is much more marginal for this part of Melbourne.

  3. The statement that Keilor is solid-Liberal voting is fairly misleading, mainly because it isn’t. It is certainly a Liberal suburb but the margin Keilor supports them in isn’t that high, mostly around the 52-56% mark.

  4. Ryan, i would expect if the Liberals actually campaigned in the area, Keilor would be stronger for the Liberals than it is currently and the Keilor booths would hitting around 60%. Keilor, is actually demographically more like an Eastern Suburb than other Western Suburbs. Property prices and income levels would be similar to Vermont/Wantirna South etc. If the liberals actually competed i would also think they could even narrowly win some of the Taylors Lakes booths


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