Fisher – Australia 2022

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  1. Not this chestnut again.

    Surely the last few decades have shown that state and federal results have very little connection to each other. SE Queensland, western Sydney, and eastern Melbourne all happily voted Lib federally and Labor state for years and years.

  2. Mark I never said this would be competitive I’m just curious as to what the results would have been on the state results just out of curiosity.

  3. People who sometimes or usually vote for the ALP at state level but the Coalition at Commonwealth level, outside NSW, would have some of the highest potential to be driven away from voting for the Coalition at Commonwealth level by the Prime Minister for NSW. So state level ALP results may not be as far from Commonwealth results as usual in Queensland.

  4. I agree with Tom – I think you may be right. There will be a big campaign of Morrison is the PM for NSW. I think the rest of the country has been forgotten.


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