Farrer – Australia 2022

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  1. Should go National when Ley retires or is defeated by an Independent and then the Nats can run when there is no Liberal Incumbent. Labor has no chance in this seat under it’s present form they would need to shift dramatically to have any remote chance here.

    Methinks Ley potentially has leadership aspirations. out of the current caucus she is one of the most senior ones in the lower house, I don’t see Price having a chance considering she is from WA, Never before have they had a leader from WA unless they are worried about McGowan entering federal politics.

    It is still surprising that Tim Fischer decided to retire in 2001, Was this because of the gun reforms and the Nationals were fearing backlash against backing the Howard changes? Or did the Nats run a poor candidate in 2001? I still don’t understand how a rural NSW seat could have a Liberal MP but not a National one.

  2. Daniel
    IIRC Fischer had a disabled child & he wanted to be there. IOW really GENUINE family reasons. vale Tim Fischer. John Howard often gets credit for gun law reform. Fischer deserves credit more, & for plenty else too.

    Imagine if Ley was promised the Nat leadership to flip ?. She is no chance to go any higher otherwise. Ever heard her own excesses with her expenses ?. Resigning then was NOT enough.

  3. Daniel
    The Nets cannot stand against Ley under the Coalition agreement. Ley is a” protected species”. Because of all the embarrassing Covid nonsense Albury voters especially might be annoyed enough to elect Kevin Mack. Will he stand again ?

  4. Did the shooters not run in 2019? I think their presence could alter this seat and on a really bad night for the coalition give the seat to shooters or an independent.

  5. I know Kevin Mack really well and he is a hard working Mayor – basically full time in the office and remuneration is really poor due to the effort and hard work he puts in. He has stood up for his Albury community and all communities along the river and this may go well in his favour. He is also not standing for election at the next Council election. A good man is Kevin Mack


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