Fadden – Australia 2022

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  1. It would be interesting to see if the LNP do better with Crisafulli as leader in this area and whether Robert retires considering he isn’t the most popular Liberal MP

    Liberal retain

  2. Daniel
    You would need a crowbar to get rid of this bloke. He is going nowhere he is a “lifer”. Robert will die in office.
    For some reason Peta Credlin has a particular antipathy, perhaps even deep loathing for this bloke. Seeing as she was Abbot’s chief of staff, or gatekeeper her opinion has weight Predictably this 6’3” “Wonder Woman” rubbed a lot of blokes up the wrong way, & got to see them act like “giant toddlers”!. So if she doesn’t like someone i feel it’s noteworthy.
    Credlin reminds me of my ex Mrs WD mk 1. She has 7 brothers .Good luck any man trying to intimidate her, that’s suicidal. !. She was a school headmistress….!

    Robert is the PM’s best mate inside politics, maybe outside too.. Friends in politics…..!? Keating was right “get a dog”. I truly have no idea what but something is not right with this bloke. His record as a twice failed minister is enough in itself. Yep, if i were PM Frydenberg My first order of business would be to punt Robert.


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