Durack – Australia 2022

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  1. Rumour has it that former Nationals WA leader Brendon Grylls will run in this seat.


    Could be a problem for the Liberals as the Nationals in WA are an independent party, and not in the coalition. Plus, the Nationals have extra resources as the official opposition in WA. Grylls is still very popular and could be one to watch.

  2. This is rural so I doubt the Liberals are a shoe-in. Since when do the Liberals do well in rural areas? She is only MP because the WA Nats just never take this seat seriously but if they do they can win it. Minister or not no member is safe. Look at John Howard in 2007 who had the highest job in the land.

  3. Daniel, in WA the Nationals rarely run federally and have only performed well in a few elections recently (2010 when Tony Crook was elected to O’Connor and also 2013 when both remote seats were marginal Lib v Nat contests).

  4. But a challenge by Brendan Grylls could make this marginal, similar to the open seat contest in 2013 when Melissa Price was held to a 3-4% margin against Shane Van Styn (who is now a local councillor).

  5. Yoh An Tee
    i figure there are about 20k more voters than in 2013 . So it’s pretty unlikely that Price could be under threat . Though of all the ministers NONE deserves to go more, than her. She is so appalling that she’d struggle to win a place in the RGR lineup . I dare anyone to identify a single quality that she embodies (a positive one)


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