Bowman – Australia 2022

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  1. Outgoing MP Andrew Laming accepted $130000 settlement of damages (80000) & legal costs(50000), from the ABC (taxpayers funds ) for Louise Milligan’s defamatory tweets. This is on top of $780000 for the Porter debacle, & a small part of $7 + million in EXTERNAL legal costs (PA), which is on top of a legal dept of 29 ON STAFF lawyers.

    In case anyone might want to presume something/anything has been accepted, acknowledged, let alone learned here is is an excerpt from todays OZ :

    “”At Wednesday’s hearing, Milligan’s lawyer Renee Enbom asked that the judgement include a notation that Milligan did not accept any liability in the matter.
    But Dr Laming’s counsel Sue Chrysanthou claimed that was “bizarre and unnecessary”, given the ABC reporter had consented to settlement.
    Justice Anna Katzmann said she would consent to a notation in the judgement that a “compromise” in the matter had been reached.””

    The judge is clearly a complete idiot.

    No word yet on the future of damaged lib candidate Henry Pike.

  2. LNP to get a scare here but will probably still hold on with their controversial candidate Henry Pike who was endorsed once again as the candidate despite the rumours that he would be set aside.


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